Louisville, KY 40241
Salary: $11.00 /hour

  • This position is 3rd Shift (12:30am-8:30am) Saturday and Sunday. Various Friday shifts and other opportunities will be available periodically.

Education/Training: A high school diploma or equivalent preferred. Must be 18 years of age.

General Responsibilities

The primary function of this department is to provide and respond to the needs of the residents at Brownsboro Park and to maintain building and ground security. This position must demonstrate excellent customer service to residents, guests, vendors, and co-workers. This department is an extension of the front desk and administrative office and must act accordingly during all shifts in the building. It provides general office support with a variety of clerical activities and related tasks. The receptionist/security guard will be responsible for answering incoming calls, directing calls to appropriate associates, mail distribution, flow of correspondence, requisition of supplies as well as additional clerical duties. Responsible for appropriate use of facility supplies and equipment to minimize loss, waste, and fraud.

Essential Duties and Task List

1. Welcome and greet each resident, guest, vendor, and employee to Brownsboro Park.

2. Receive and communicate correspondence and phone calls from residents, guests, and vendors including rent, work orders, meal orders, meal reservations, room service, etc…

3. Call residents who are unaccounted for after each meal to make sure they received their meal for the day.

4. Handle any work order, within the employee’s ability, that cannot wait for the maintenance department – i.e., light bulbs, toilets, slippery floors, broken glass, etc…

5. Monitor security system monitor and maintain a logbook of activities and information that needs communicating to the following shifts.

6. Respond to any and all emergencies by contacting designated staff and/or calling 911 as necessary. Record incident reports when residents use the pull cord or call the front desk for assistance.

7. Regularly update resident emergency information book and phone directory and maintain resident files according to the guidelines and requirements of HUD and Brownsboro Park policy.

8. Maintain and manage resident sign-out book noting when they left, their destination and anticipated return.

9. Coordinate resident medical appointments through the transportation driver.

10. Enlarge dining room menus, copy for distribution by the security staff, and oversee the distribution of company memos, bulletins, and event schedules.

11. Notify administrator or on-call designee when an inquiry is made during non-business hours.

12. Any other duties as assigned

Additional Security and 3rd Shift Tasks

13. Maintain front lobby, main entrance, and side entrance appearance throughout the shift. This includes general pick-up of garbage and snow and ice removal during the winter months (maintenance and landscaper will attend to large areas).

14. Complete security inspections on all three floors, the kitchen and dining room every hour and record refrigerator and freezer temperatures each shift.

15. Lock down area by kitchen and dining room doors following the evening shift and service room doors at dark. Unlock toward the end of the night shift.

16. Inspect empty apartments and report in logbook.

17. Make coffee on 3rd shift by 6:00am.

18. Any other duties as assigned.

Other Duties

1. Perform tasks which are supportive in nature to the essential functions of the job, but which may be altered or redesigned depending upon individual circumstances.

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